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We are all about redefining the way things are done & creating new opportunities when others see problems. The Hacker Collective is on a journey to share the hacker mindset, empowering people to think like hackers, armed with the knowledge of software and go on to monetise their skillsets by making impact in society.

Good question! When we say hacker, we’re not exactly referring to some dude in a dark room with a hoodie on hacking. The Hacker Collective community is a shared community of hackers. We are people with a mindset that anything can be done and anything is possible. We choose to not let the status quo define us or what we can or cannot do. That is what it means to hack. To go outside the box beyond its intended purpose and do something out of the ordinary. To be different. To be unique.

Our vision is simple. It is to live in a world where everyone has equal abilities to learn new tech skills, monetise their skillsets and launch new ventures, without going in debt or spending a bomb for it, regardless of their ethnic, religious, financial background.

We are on a mission to empower 1,000 individuals from zero to software natives every year and create hundreds of scalable ventures to solve real-world problems.

We believe that the opportunities to make a positive, profound, and long-lasting impact on society are greater than ever thanks to new technologies. It is crucial to have exceptional people build groundbreaking companies and equip the next generation with essential skills to stay ahead of the well-anticipated digital revolution.

We strive to become a dynamic, connected powerhouse of technology innovators and pioneers who are eager to learn, ready to do business, and determined to make a difference.

We’re always open if you’d like to contribute financially to support the movement!! We get asked this a lot actually. We’re guessing it’s mainly because we’re charging way below market rates and providing crazy refund guarantees. Well, we’re completely fine with it. We’re all about encouraging people to take the first step. If whatever we do helped inspire 1 person to take the plunge and challenge themselves to pick up a new skill, we’re happy. We try out best to help each and everyone to succeed. But if things don’t turn out the way we want it to, we’re happy to give a full-refund, and we’re happy to share that we have yet to have anyone request for a refund yet! Besides barely sustaining on education, we also work on a plethora of software ventures. Check them out here! Tech Co-founder programmes, Outsource projects, venture building initaitives, we’re into all that fun stuff :)

Of course you can! Sign up here and we’ll send you the Discord invitation asap! If you want to be an active contributor, just mention it in the sign up form and we’ll get in touch personally!


THC’s Upskill Programme is straight to the point. Comprehensively covering topics in frontend, backend, cloud, and algorithms, and focusing on real world projects resulting in a more standout portfolio. We guarantee a job in tech or provide a full refund. We consistently charge crazily below market rate and add way more value than what our student’s are paying. We are sincere about your growth and will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals. Your succes is our success. We take it into our own hands and give it our all to help you. All you need to do is put in the hard work.

THC runs on a peer-to-peer learning model. No overpriced tuition fees, no inefficient exams, no overpaid lecturers.
You learn with your batch of peers, work on projects together, get real-world experience, get a job. You will graduate with a portfolio that stands out.
THC is a community with over 300 people from various industries, often coming together to discuss on open source projects and monetising their skillsets online.
THC offers unlimited interview prep and referrals to tech companies, often overlooked by academic programmes.
THC only accepts top applicants and ensures participation before graduating anyone, guaranteeing a strong network of classmates and alumni.

If you are able to and you prefer to go the self-learning route, by all means go ahead! It’s 100% doable. We’ve done it ourselves. THC is the place we wished we had when we were struggling like crazy and gave up multiple times whle self-learning ourselves. THC is simply a place for people to come together, share ideas, build connections and ultimately monetise their skillsets. If you feel you can self-learn, you may even apply to get access to our community as a normal community member first.
THC provides a structured and guided path to getting a coding job in a fixed amount of time.
THC exposes you to software engineers in industry on a weekly basis to grow your network.
THC provides a powerful network of peers and alumni that you can draw on for your future career.
THC also provides a job guarantee, what are you waiting for!

Online courses have a completion rate of less than 5%. And people tend to just complete their curriculum for the sake of it. It holds little value in the eyes of informed employers.
THC is project-based. Experience-based. You have a technical skillset and you’re able to show for it with your beautiful portfolio on top of the certification we provide, that is vetted by our network of companies.
THC is live and cohort-based. Students ask questions in class daily and enjoy a community of classmates learning at the same pace.
THC cultivates a strong alumni network that significantly helps graduates with their careers.

No you do not! Apple, Tesla, Google and tons of other big tech startups in the West have dropped the requirement for a university degree. And we believe this is the right direction and it will only grow from here.
Most of THC’s community members do not have CS degrees, but are working professionally as developers. You can check out their stories here.
THC has even have community members from unrelated fields like operational safety, law, accounting. Even the founders themselves were from a Finance background.
We exist because universities are unable to produce enough engineers. There’s such a high demand for techies now. Companies will hire anyone who’s able to add value to their organisation, with or without a degree.

Math is not a pre-requisite for coding. Logical thinking and problem solving is. We spend a lot of time working on the fundamentals with our students. We believe anyone can code if they remain determined and put in sufficient time and effort.

It is normal to find coding challenging - this is common among all software engineers. Everyone starts from zero! We’re mostly self-taught so we believe we can relate better than others out there who paid crazy money for bootcamps or universities. If you’re wondering whether you’re struggling more than normal, schedule a chat with us. Let’s talk!
THC provides on-demand support to students over group chat. We ask students to ask for help if they’re stuck for longer than 30 minutes, such that they do not spend too much time on relatively straightforward problems.
THC fosters a tight-knit community of learners that help each other in our peer-to-peer environment. You will always have peers working through the same material that you can work together with and get help from. With time, you will learn.

If you already code but need help getting a software job, chat with us and we can advise whether self-studying or joining us is appropriate. Many of our most successful graduates had coding experience prior to joining THC. If we answer on behalf of them here, it’s mostly for the opportunity to learn with a group of like-minded individuals and get access to real-world projects or internship opportunities. Find out for yourself when you meet your batchmates and let us know if we’re right!

Zero hidden costs! None at all. We only charge the fee stated on pricing.html. We’ll be using open source tools, free resources and the official documentations. Look at it this way. The documentation for a programming language is like a dictionary for a spoken language like English, Mandarin, Malay etc. The documentation is free and available to the public, very much like the dictionary is. There’s no secret. All the information is available already, it’s up to us to put in the hardwork. All you need is hardwork, determination, a laptop (or PC) and good Wifi connection.

Definitely. THC is a self-paced programme. We try our best to match candidates according to the number of hours they are able to commit to the programme. We are not time-based, we are project-based. We have learning materials, assignments, challenges and projects you need to solve to be able to complete the programme. Let’s put it this way. If someone puts in 12 hours a day and another person puts in 1 hour a day, the person who puts in 12 hours a day will complete the programme in 3 months while the person putting in 1 hour a day might take over a year.

An upfront payment or 6 monthly installments. We’re also providing special promotions each month. Check it out here.

Get in touch with the team and we will reassign you to a new group for you to retake the programme from scratch, free of charge.

Good question! Again, it really depends on the individual and the country you're based in! A tech internship will usually be around $500-$1200 and an entry-level developer role will pay around $2500-$5000. Get the skillsets, then it's all about selling yourself to your maximum potential during the interview. Bottom line, add as much value as you can as an employee and your salary will go up. We promise this.

All graduates actively applying but unable to get a tech job within 6 months of graduation will get a full refund.

A tech job is:
- A position requiring knowledge of one or more of the following: software, data science, web development, iOS/Android development, cybersecurity, information technology, UI/UX design.
- Any other position for which you would not have been qualified, considered, or promoted into, without your participation in THC’s programme or job placement efforts.


We are not a venture capital firm, we identify ourselves as a venture builder.

We build and own a plethora of software products from scratch under our own umbrella to form our own ecosystem of disruptive ventures, but we’re open to work as co-founders with rockstar entrepreneurs as their CTO and provide help in UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing and fundraising to help bring their ideas to life, so you rockstar entrepreneurs can do you do best - get clients!

Venture capital firms usually do not engage in early execution for a startup. VC firms aren’t an operational organization and they are usually either hands off or play a mentor/adviser role to startups.

Venture builder firms, on the other hand, just like what its name “builder” suggests, we create startups from scratch and are very much involved with the operations of the startups from day 0.

In this program, we become your technical cofounder and are responsible for the whole development of the product from stage zero. Depending on the nature of your startup and your individual preferences, here are the 3 models we work with. Click here to review the information. We will also help you get connected to investors/mentors who might be interested in supporting your startup.

We love to work with ambitious founders that have the courage, passion, and tenacity to build the next tech giants to challenge the status quo and win! You’ll definitely need an idea, a business plan, financial forecast, and of course some funding to keep the business running. The founder(s) will be also responsible for raising funds, marketing, and sales.

You can submit another time. Maybe the information that you sent is not enough or maybe you should think again about the overall business plan, the amount of money to be raised, or even the equity you want to give to us. Don’t let the rejection set you back. It’s a good chance to rethink your startup and we encourage you to resubmit if there’s a change in the startup or the offer for us.

Any entrepreneur who is looking for a technical cofounder or a professional technical team. So if an entrepreneur lacks the technical knowledge or the funding to build the technical component of their start-up, then we will be ready to offer technical development services and 50% of the costs.

You will have a technical cofounder/tech partner or your CTO! And even your first investor (depending on the deal). We will save you the trouble of finding a professional technical team. We will share the costs of development with you and will continuously support the products/services for any modifications or improvements that might be needed. You will have immediate access to pitch potential investors who are ready to invest in your startup even if your business idea is at an early stage and all you have is a business plan and an executive summary. We are ready to work with you on building your dream technical startup and a presentable MVP product.

Yes, there’s a team that will be assigned to your startup. The team will be developing the product and once finished then they will move to another project. This will save a lot of costs for the startup as it doesn’t need to be paying salaries for the team while the entrepreneurs are exploring the market. Once there's a need for future development then the same team will work on the development. We will be planning things well in advance so that we can even expand the team if necessary.

For the time being, we are primarily building ventures in Asia, particularly South East Asia region but we’re looking forward to meeting with Startups from all across the world in the future!

We’re actively looking for pre-seed, aka idea-stage startups seeking a ticket size from RM 50,000 to RM 100,000. The funds will primarily be used to fund all technological developments and launch the product to market within 3-5 months.

Some of the key focused areas that we are working on currently are EdTech, E-commerce, F&B and SaaS companies, but soon we will definitely be expanding into different industries. We help startups in all industries as long as they have a technical component.

After we receive your application and your pitch deck, our venture team at THC will go through an initial screening process to evaluate your profile and your business idea and determine if it aligns with our investment goals. We will then arrange a meeting or phone call for us to get to know you better, after that we will carry out an initial due diligence process and once all the necessary steps are finished and your startup checks all the boxes, we will start building your MVP together with you within the next 3 - 5 months. We will participate in every stage of your product development ranging from feasibility analysis, market validation, production iteration, user testing, and at the end of the journey, your startup will have a commercial product that is ready to be released into the market and iterate until we achieve product-market-fit. We will support your journey in securing more funding rounds through our network of investors to scale it up to greater heights.

You should be expecting a response from us within 3 - 5 working days.

For now, we have four startup companies in the development stage and will be ready to launch them on the market soon. To name a few, we have Pathforge, a social learning portal. Definework, a workflow automation software for SME. Limitd, an online marketplace for sneakerheads, and lastly, Menubase, an AP automation software tailored for restaurant owners.

In exchange for our funds, we will require a percentage of equity ownership of the founder’s startup, but if the founder chooses not to offer any equity, we can still work together in a different way where THC Ventures will provide a team of well-trained developers and outsourced CTO with monthly charge fees to help the founder build their tech stack so that they will never need to worry about tech implementation problems again.

Yes! You’re welcome to apply too, even though we are mainly targeting idea-stage startups, but we are open to working with founders with existing and running startups too!


The Stories of Hackers is an interview series where we talk to individuals with inspiring and unconventional stories. Self-learning code, launching a tech startup, making a proper living, working remotely, online. Anyone who’s able to act as case studies and showcase how with enough grit and persistency, any normal person can achieve success too. Let the Stories of Hackers inspire more people to take the plunge and chase their dreams.

Be it learning a new skill, starting an online business or scaling a startup, starting something new.. We know it isn’t always easy. The journey is often tough, lonely and demotivating. That’s why we’re doing this. To document Stories of Hackers everywhere! To show people unconventional stories from very normal people. The message we want to share is simple. If we can do it, so can you.

We try our best to do it as frequently as possible, so you can expect 2-3 interviews on average every week!

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